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Frapin Isle Of Man

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Frapin family member Albert loved motorsport. The fragrance is inspired by the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, the Tourist Trophy. It is still held on the isle of The Isle of Man. A perfume for the sporty gentleman, who is not too daring to take an adventure. This scent is like pure adrenaline – they crackle, sparkle. This perfume is opened with juicy grapefruit. Violets, freesias and salty notes convince in the heart note. Herb masculinity exudes the base with aromatic woods, musk and real vetiver. A fragrance that is difficult to describe – an explosion for all the senses. It is neither flowery, nor fruity, nor tart. This treasure is suitable for men who are looking for the challenge – both professionally and privately. No risk, no fun applies to this fragrance like hardly any other. This perfume is almost a philosophy, it whispers to you: eat life, breathe every breath full of vibrancy and intensity.



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