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How many fragrances will I receive?

You will receive one perfume a month unless you've upgraded to get more.

How do I know that you fragrances are real?

We partner directly with bespoke and exclusive niche perfume houses worldwide. You will only receive 100% genuine fragrances. 

How do I subscribe?

Register for free and start placing the perfumes you would love to experience in your perfume calendar. Just one more tip: Use our Perfume Finder as a first step. The algorithm will recommend you the best perfume matches. 

What exactly do I receive each month?

In the first month you will receive your chosen fragrance and our classy YUNIQU color case. The next months you will receive a 30-day supply (8ml = 120 sprays) of your selected fragrance in our refill bottles. 

When will I receive my first fragrance?

Usually, your first fragrance will arrive within 7-10 business days at your doorstep! Shipments outside the EU may take a bit longer. In the following months, we will dispatch your monthly fragrance mid-month. Of course, we will keep you posted and send you a mail when your fragrance is on it's way to you.

Which fragrances can I choose from?

You can choose any perfume from our assortment. It's totally up to you. We are happy to help if you need assistance. Just send us a mail to happyend@yuniqu.net. Please keep in mind that you can choose the same fragrance only every six months. 

How long is the minimum contract?

Except for the gift memberships, which run for three, six, nine or twelve months, the duration of the regular subscription is one month. Gift memberships will initially run over the booked term and will be extended by one month unless canceled one month in advance. You can cancel the regular one-month subscription at any time until the 1st day of the following month with just one click.

Which payment options do I have?

We offer all standard payment options, such as Paypal and credit cards. You have full freedom of choice.

Our promise: You have no obligation. You can pause or cancel your YUNIQU perfume subscription at any time.

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You have just added your first perfume to your calendar.

As soon as you started your subscription we will send you the first fragrance in our classy case directly home!




You know how the perfume calendar works.

Just for your information: as soon as you started your subscription we will send you the first fragrance in our classy case directly home!




Entschuldige! Du kannst den gleichen Duft nicht zweimal bestellen. YUNIQU ist eine Entdeckungs-Plattform, um dir zu helfen neue Düfte zu finden. Wähle bitte ein anderes Parfüm aus, das dich begeistern wird.

Den gleichen Duft kannst du alle 6 Monate wieder bestellen.



You don't have a fragrance in your calendar, yet.

Before you can subscribe you have to select at least one fragrance and add this to your calendar. We will send this fragrance after you have started your subscription.


How your calendar works

Step 1: Browse our fragrance catalog and get inspired.


How your calendar works

Step 2: Choose a fragrance and click on "Add to calendar"


How your calendar works

Instructions 3: The scent is in your calendar now. You can add as many fragrances as you like!

If you want to remove the fragrance from your calendar just click on the "x" in the upper right corner.


How do I find the fragrances that I like?

With us it's effortless. Just use our perfume finder. In less than 2 minutes we determine your top 8 perfume matches!

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