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[Never miss the chance to dance.]


For this collection, we have carefully selected fragrances that will lift you up and make you smile. Fresh, sweet, fruity, and floral notes will help you spread good vibes. Do what makes you happy and inspire optimism in others.


Fragrances we have selected for this collection in the past are La Danza delle Libelulle by Nobile 1942 and Malibu by Simone Andreoli.

18.98  / monthSelect





[Do it with passion, or not at all…]


For this collection, we have carefully selected by experience and feedback the most seductive fragrances we could find. You will, for sure, feel like Femme Fatale with the ability to enchant, entice and hypnotize her victim with a spell of love.


Fragrances we have selected for this collection in the past are Absolute Aphrodisiac by lnitio and Aoud Legend by Montale.

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[No pressure, no diamonds.]


For this collection, we have carefully selected fragrances that will help you to shine. A wise woman once said: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We have decided to make perfume – it has even fewer calories. If used as intended. No, I don‘t mean drinking.


Fragrances we have selected for this collection in the past are En Terrasse from the Brand Alex Simone and Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Viloressi.

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[I don’t have dreams. I have goals.]


For this collection, we have carefully selected colognes that will boost your confidence. Fresh, aquatic, citrusy, and woody notes are perfect for expressing your professional site.


Fragrances we have selected in the past for this collection are Percival from the brand Parfums de Marly and Pacific Rock Moss from the Goldfield & Banks brand.

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[All eyes on me.]


For this collection, we have carefully selected sexy and expressive masculine colognes ranging from fresh to spicy and slightly sweet. Stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression.


Fragrances we have selected for this collection in the past are Vanhera from the brand Laboratorio Olfattivo and Layton von Parfums de Marly.

18.98  / monthSelect





[Stay wild, brave and free..]


For this collection, we have selected exceptional fragrances that break with tradition – like molecular and minimalist fragrances consisting of only a few notes. Don‘t be afraid – smell and wear the trend even before it exists.


Fragrances we have selected for this collection in the past are This is not a blue bottle 1.5 from the brand Histoires de Parfums and Aetheroxyde from Aether.

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Do you have any questions? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our YUNIQU Collection subscription. If you have a general question, please check here. If you can’t find an answer to your question, just write to us.

What are the YUNIQU collections?

Our YUNIQU collections are made to easily immerse yourself in the world of exclusive niche fragrances. Discover new fragrances, experience unknown brands and find new perfume favorites. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced perfume junkie or a niche fragrance newcomer. You simply choose one of our 6 collections and we choose a suitable fragrance for you. If you can’t choose a collection right away, use our YUNIQU Collection Finder. This will help you find a suitable collection for you.

How do the YUNIQU collections work?

Every month we choose an exclusive fragrance from high-quality perfume houses from all over the world for our 6 collections, Desire, Joy, Business for her, Boho, Slay and Hustle. Our trained noses and our many years of experience help us to assign the fragrances to the appropriate collections.

What does the YUNIQU collection box include?

In your first month you will receive your first collection fragrance in the size 8ml (= 120 sprays) in our high-quality vial. In addition, in your first month you will receive a free YUNIQU atomizer on the go. This means that your fragrance is always safely stored when travelling or in your handbag and is not only protected from fractures but also from light. In addition, you will receive a beautiful description flyer for each fragrance incl. information on the ingredients.

When will I receive my collection box?

Your first collection box will be sent the next business day after receipt of payment. Depending on your country of delivery, it may take up to 14 business days for your fragrance to arrive. In the following months, your collection box will be shipped in the first week of the month.

When will the monthly fee be debited?

In the first month we book the monthly fee immediately. In the following months, the booking is always made on the 1 working day of the month.

Which collection should I choose?

If you find it hard to choose a collection, use our YUNIQU Collection Finder.

Can I change a collection?

But of course! You can always change your collection for the following month until the 25 thin day of the month. To do this, simply > go to “My Account” “Subscription” and click Switch Subscription.

I haven't received my collection box yet - what do I do?

If you have not received your YUNIQU collection box after 10 working days (EU) and after 14 working days (rest of the world), please send us an email to or use our contact form.

Can I cancel my YUNIQU subscription?

You can cancel your YUNIQU collection subscription at any time up to the 25 day of the month to the following month. Please write and send an email to or use our contact form. Please enter your full name, your full delivery address and your customer number when you cancel your contract. You can find these on invoices from us.

Can I pause my YUNIQU collection subscription?

Of course! Simply go to “My > Account” > “Subscription” “Pause”.

* All responses are valid for the YUNIQU Collection subscription only.

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